If You have a work related injury or illness

Contact IWAP at: 484-436-2862

What is the Injured Workers' Advocacy Program (IWAP)?

A (501c3) non-profit program created to provide support services throughout all phases of the injured worker's process as well as to advocate on the rights of injured workers:

From the point of injury to the long term injury process, IWAP serves the interests of the injured worker by providing a program of resources that include a) advisory consultations/evaluations b) injured workers support group services and c) injured workers rights/legislation "advocacy".

a) IWAP Advisory Consultations/Evaluations - UPON CONTACTING IWAP, injured workers receive advocacy consultation/evaluations pertaining to their rights, responsibilities and needs as an injured worker.

b) Injured Workers' Support Groups - IWAP Support Groups provides interested injured workers with opportunities to network and share common experiences with each other as well as to access valuable information, services and resources provided by industry experts at IWAP support group meetings.

c) Injured Workers Rights Advocacy - IWAP networks with other injured worker's/professional groups and organizations to advocate on rights and legislation affecting injured workers

Note - All Injured Workers Advocacy Program Services Are Free to Injured Workers

Who is eligible to Participate in the IWAP Program?

a) Individuals recently injured on the job b) Individuals suffering the long term effects of injuries and experiencing difficulties working c) Individuals unable to work due to non-work related injuries, d) IWAP is currently available only to those Injured Workers in Pennsylvania (Till Further Notice)


in need of assistance and support services, CONTACT IWAP at: or call 484-436-2862